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SHG Loan

SHG Loan

SHG Loan

Let us grow together with Apex Bank SHG Loans.


Criteria Policy
Purpose Loans to SHGs (Self Help Groups) to fulfil their productive and emergent credit needs to create positive impact at the bottom of the pyramid, leading to their financial and social empowerment.
Loan Limit Upto Rs. 10.00 lakh
Repayment period Upto 60 months
Documents   required 1.    Inter se agreement

2.    Article of agreement

3.    Residential proof / Address proof of all members.

4.    Copy of Aadhar card

5.    Individual photos of all the members and group photo of the SHG.

6.    Xerox copy of minutes for the meetings held during the last 6 months

7.    Any other documents which may be considered necessary as per requirement of the case.

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