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Self Employment Programme (SEP)

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Self Employment Programme (SEP)

Self Employment Programme (SEP)

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Criteria Policy
Purpose Loans on financial assistance to individuals/groups of urban poor for setting up gainful self-employment ventures/ micro-enterprises, suited to their skills, training, aptitude and local conditions under Self Employment Programme (SEP) under Urban Self-Help Groups Financing (NULM)
Loan Limit Upto Rs. 1.50 lakh
Repayment period Upto 24 months
Documents   required 1.    Copy of Aadhar Cards & PAN Cards of the borrower & guarantors.

2.    Residential Proof and Address proof of the borrower.

3.    Letter from MEPMA Coordinator forwarding SEP loan application in the prescribed format (Annexure -3)

4.   After sanction of loan, the applicant shall have to provide agreement, Demand Promissory note and Surety bond.

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