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Computerisation Of Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank | TSCAB
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Computerisation Of Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank


  1. TSCAB has computerized all its operations on a ‘CORE BANKING SOLUTION’ (CBS) by bringing all the Branch Network Connected through’ WAN, covering all modules. The Banking Application Software was implemented in all the 41 Branches.
  2. In order to be competitive and afford better customer services, 34 onsite ATMs are installed. The Facility of Any Branch Banking (ABB) is also available wherein a customer of any branch of TSCAB can draw or deposit cash at any branch of TSCAB including outstation branches up to a limit of Rs.30,000/-
  3. Bank has taken up new technological initiatives by entering into the centralised payments system offering RTGS/NEFT services to the customers from October 2012 onwards. Further CTS, Direct Benefit Transfer(DBTL), Aadhar Based Payment Bridge System (ABBs) and Mobile Application also implemented for providing immediate release of subsidies to the clients of TSCAB.


The Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank Limited, (TSCAB), being the leader of the cooperative credit structure in the State of Telangana State, has taken a decision to implement ‘Core Banking Solution’(CBS) for the 9 District Cooperative Central Banks (DCCBS) with their 321 branches in the respective districts in the State, with a centralised data centre at Hyderabad, using the state of art, cutting edge, leading technology for their core banking activities, to achieve speedy service to its clientele enabling TSCAB-DCCBs in effective monitoring and management of the banking services and operations. The ‘CBS’ upon customisation, would work on a virtual single database for all the 09 DCCBs, with the capability of system administration, in respect of user administration, product creation and the like, provided to the operations of each of the DCCBs. It is envisaged to parameterise the different products specific to each of the DCCBs concerned, with district folders for each DCCB in the common solution. M/s: Polaris Financial Technologies is the Consultant-Cum-Software Provider (CSP) for the Project. TSCAB has shared the 50% of the total cost of the Project from its own funds.
As on date, all the 321 Branches of 09 DCC Banks are computerised and migrated to Core Banking Solution and working online.
Bank has taken up new technological initiatives by entering into the centralised payments system offering RTGS/NEFT services to the customers from October 2012 onwards. Further Direct Benefit Transfer(DBTL), and Aadhar Based Payment Bridge System (ABBs) are also implemented for providing immediate release of subsidies to the clients of DCCBs.

The Govt. of Telangana and the Management of TSCAB having a vision to develop the Cooperative Credit Structure in the Telangana State as a vehicle for achieving overall economic prosperity of the rural areas desired to leverage technology. In the process, seamless integration of all the tiers in the Structure was felt essential. Additionally, PACS, being the base of the structure with a membership of about 9.00 Lakhs offering agriculture credit and agriculture inputs, procurement, warehousing, processing, marketing and various other products and services, have to be first brought on to a computerized platform to fully leverage their potential. The Computerization of PACS was also meant to ensure bringing in speed and accuracy in the conduct of business, preparation of final accounts and audit. In the absence of Computerization, generation of prescribed Audit Statements is often delayed, depriving the stakeholders, the information on financial health of these important institutions and thereby resulting in flawed policy formulation.
Thus, with a noble intention to develop PACS as vibrant, proactive and member centric service providing institutions meeting every financial and service requirement of their members in particular and rural community at large, while being transparent and accountable in their operations and management, adhering to the principles of good governance and ensuring seamless integration of all stakeholders. Such transformed institutions will be able to truly realize the goals of becoming Multi Service Organizations.
Accordingly. Govt. of Telangana, with an intention to initiate the process of computerization of 906 PACS including 108 Ceded to Commercial Banks, apart from 798 PACS of DCCBs has issued G.O. appointing M/s Intellect Informatics Pvt. Ltd., as the Service Provider for taking up the task of computerization of PACS and similarly has entrusted TSCAB with role of a guide, overseeing the problems between service provider and the DCCBs/PACS fixing the deadline as December’2017.
The UNITE ERP implemented by the Service Provider M/s Intellect Informatics Pvt. Ltd., in the PACS of Telangana State are also scalable and provides for seamless integration with any CBS at higher tiers of refinance, interoperable with any external solutions, and accessible from various form factors (PoS, Micro-ATMs, Mobile devices etc.,). Thus, the solution implemented in Telangana PACS has inbuilt flexibility to integrate and scale up with any future systems that may come up.
With the proactive role taken up by the TSCAB and other Stake Holders, the project is likely to be completed by the end of February’2018. As on 01.02.2018 there are about 775 PACS out of 798 PACS where Day Book can be generated on daily basis. The System Audit was completed in as many as 211 PACS. Further, there are about 200 PACS which are in Go-Live Stage.