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Cash Recycling Machine

Event Update:

After successful testing of the Hitachi-make Cash Recycler Machine, the machine was deployed for public usage in the Head Office premises of our Bank on 17th March, 2021.

The CRM’s operations were inaugurated by the Hon’ble President of the Bank in the presence of all the higher officials of the Management.

About CRM:-

When one withdraws the cash, the total cash in the machine gets lesser, while the other deposits the cash, the total cash gets replenished. So the way, the cash gets drawn and replenished

is perceived as Recycling. Hence, the name – “Cash Recycling Machine”. CRM facilitates both the functionalities of deposit and withdrawal of cash. Along with all the regular services provided by an ATM, the

CRM provides for depositing the cash in the  accounts of the customers. Presently, the cash deposit is allowed for only TSCAB’s account holders and at a later stage, the facility shall be extended to deposit in

the accounts of all the other Banks.

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