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Deposit Schemes

This facility is available to customers to deposit and withdraw money as per their convenience. The facility is extended with or without cheque book as per the needs of the customer. Attractive interest at 4% p.a. on daily balance is extended on this deposit. Prompt and courteous service awaits our customers at our Branches.
Current Account with cheque book facility is offered by the Bank to its corporate and business clients. Clean and secured overdraft facility is also provided on the Current Account.
The Bank offers attractive rates on Fixed Deposits for various maturity periods. Facility for drawing interest on a monthly or quarterly basis is also provided.

This is a cumulative term deposit scheme under which money multiplies faster to a yield targetted amount for the customer as per the deposit period convenient to him.
Under this scheme, the customer can save small amount in monthly instalments for a fixed term to get back a lumpsum. Interest is accumulated on the principal over the saving period at attractive rates of interest.

OTHER SPECIAL DEPOSIT SCHEMES:-The Bank is offering a host of other special deposit schemes to suit the savings needs of its customers like Special Tax Saver Deposit Scheme (7.5%).
All deposits upto Rs. 1.00 lakh per deposit, are covered by Insurance under DICGC scheme with Depositor Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation.

Existing Revised (w.e.f. 08.08.2017)


Period Rate of int.

(% p.a.)

Period Rate of int.

(% p.a.)

1. 7 days to 14 days 5.00 7 days to 14 days 5.00
2. 15 days to 30 days 15 days to 30 days
3. 31 days to 45 days 5.60 31 days to 45 days 5.60
4. 46 days to 90 days 6.50 46 days to 90 days 6.50
5. 91 days to 179 days 6.65 91 days to 179 days 6.50
6. 180 days to 270 days 6.85 180 days to 270 days 6.75
7. 271 days to 364 days 7.00 271 days to 364 days 6.95
8. 1 yr exact 7.05 1 year exact 7.00
9. 1yr 1 day to less than 2 yrs 7.00 1 year 1 day to less than 2 yrs. 7.00
10. 2 yrs to less than 3 yrs 6.80 2 yrs to less than 3 yrs 6.60
11. 3yrs to less than 5 yrs 6.70 3 yrs to less than 5 yrs 6.60
11. 5 yrs and upto 10 yrs 6.70 5 yrs and upto 10 yrs. 6.60


“Addl. Int. for Sr. Citizens for 1 year and above deposits only-0.60%”

The revised rates of interest on term deposits will come into effect from 08.08.2017.

The rate of interest on tax saver deposit scheme will be 6.60% p.a. w.e.f. 08.08.2017.


Loan Schemes

The Bank offers the following attractive loan schemes to individuals who are its customers.
Secured overdrafts on current accounts are provided to customers against the security of National Savings Certificates, Kisan Vikas Patras, as also against the security of Urban immovable property.
Customers can avail of Gold loans against pledge of gold ornament at all branches of the Bank.
UNDER THE Vidya Vikasa Vardhini Scheme, the Bank is providing loans to students/parents of students for pursing professional courses like Engineering, Medicine, Computer Education and other courses including technical courses/job oriented courses. The loan is repayable at attractive rate of interest and easy repayment period.
Finance for purchase of cars is provided to professionals and self employed entrepreneurial and salaried customers of the Bank for their personal use at attractive rates of interest and repayment period ranging upto 60 months.
Loans are provided to wholesale/retail traders and businessmen engaged in trade activity for running their business on furnishing of collateral security and on pledge of stocks. This facilities extended in the nature of cash credit limit for facilitating continuous operation based on the day-to-day business needs.
The Ban offers attractive Housing Loan Scheme both for construction or purchase of a new house/flat as also for purposes of repairs and extension to existing house. Comfortable repayment period for the loan is provided. No hidden charges . Take overs are allowed.


Other Services

Besides RTGS/NEFT the bank arranges transmission of funds to its customers to locations at every nook and corner of the country by its various transfer mechanism as also issuance of Demand Drafts at low commission rates.
The Bank undertakes the collection of local and outstation cheques and bills for a nominal fee.
Safe deposit lockers at competitive rentals are available at all branches of the Bank of various sizes to suit the needs of different customers. An exclusive safe deposit vault with more than 1000 lockers are provided at the centrally located Narayanaguda Branch of the Bank.


Details of Loan Schemes

Personal Loans:

  • For Employees/Professionals/Businessmen.
  • Maximum Rs.5,00,000/- loan amount.
  • Rate of interest – 15.00%.
    • In case of employers undertaking – 14.50%.
  • Maximum repayment period: 48 months.
  • Sureties 1 or 2 required depending on quantum of loan.

Educational Loans:

  • For pursuing School/ College/Higher education in India and Abroad..
  • For College education in India – Rs.50, 000/- to Rs. 4, 00, 000/-.

For College education in Abroad upto Rs.20, 00, 000/-.

  • Two sureties and collateral security to the extent of 100%.
  • Or NSC, KVP or Term Deposit Receipts of TSCAB to the extent of 100% of the loan amount.
  • Rate of Interest (Unsecured) – 13.00%.
    • Education loans with collateral security – 12.50%



  • Working Capital: Rs.10,00,000/-(To be renewed every year).
  • New Traders: Rs.1,00,000/-
  • Term loan: Rs.3,00,000/-(36 months)
  • Rate of Interest – Working Capital
    • Without collateral security – 14.00%
    • With collateral security – 13.50%
  • Rate of Interest – Term Loan
    • Fixed – 14.00%
  • Security
    • Upto Rs.1,00,000/-, 1 Govt. surety and Hypothecation of stock
    • Above Rs.1,00,000/- and upto Rs.3,00,000/-, 2 Govt. sureties and Hypothecation of stock.
    • Above Rs.3,00,000/-, 2 Govt. sureties, Hypothecation of stock and immovable property as collateral security.
  • Term Loan
  • 2 Govt. sureties and Hypothecation of stocks/pledge wherever possible.


Housing Loans

  • Maximum limit upto Rs.30,00,000/-
  • Provided to persons: upto 65 years of age.
  • Repayment period: Maximum 20 years
  • Rate of Interest: Fixed – 10.50%
  • Security: House as collateral security.


Real Estate Mortgage Loans:

  • 60% of the market value of the House/Flat subject to a maximum of Rs.10.00 lakhs.
  • Minimum 3 years regular service in organizations acceptable to the bank/3 years IT returns in case of self-employed and other professionals.
  • Repayment period: Maximum 10 years.
  • Rate of Interest: Fixed rate – 12.00%
  • Legal scrutiny will be done by approved Advocates/Valuers.